I am Melissa Fryzel. My full Baptismal name is Melissa Kay Mary Magdalene. I am your conservative candidate, for New Mexico Senator. 


My ties to New Mexico and more specifically, our district are through marriage. My children are descendants of the late Francisco Antonio Duran and Elisa Magdalena Lopez, both born in Los Pinos. As well as, Celestino Cordova of Anton Chico and Maria Mondragon of La Junta. Their great-grandmother was one of the original “NM child exports,” that had to leave to make a living. I descend from the Murray Clan. My ancestors were nobles that were imprisoned in their homeland, for demanding religious freedom and exiled (sold by Britain to English settlers in the original colony) as plantation slaves, by no choice of their own.


After a 20-year career as a data and business analyst, I thought I was finally going to be able to be home with my children and just be a mama. However, the last few years have had me so distraught due to our lack of representation, that I had to act. It was one of those calm, repetitive thoughts that would not go away. So, I said, “Yes.”

I am a first-generation college graduate of UT-Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas, with a degree in Psychology.  We have 7 kids and are a blended family. Everyone in my house, has dealt with the adverse family impact of addiction.  All of our kids have an absent natural parent, due to either methamphetamines or opiates.  My father died from homelessness and addiction. I have had multiple friends pass away from the damage prescription medications did to their body and minds. 


We home school all of our kids, after adverse experiences in Taos schools that went against our religious values. I believe we need to completely reevaluate our educational system. The changes over the last 60 years has not been in the best interest of our childrens' individual potential. 

I am a survivor of child sexual abuse, parental addiction, rape, and domestic violence.  My passion is to be a voice for those who are yet to find their way out of the oppression, judgment, and guilt that comes with sexual victimization and to help lead them to becoming survivors themselves. 

My political career started in grassroots and activism, as a founding member of the New Mexico Patriots. After a significant amount of volunteerism, I was elected as the State Secretary for the Republican Party of New Mexico. I am running for New Mexico Senate District 8 against a longtime Democrat incumbent, Pete Campos.


I spent the first half of my career in the corporate sector, working for Fortune 500 companies - Caterpillar, Boeing, Arrow Electronics, Samsung, and McKesson. My career focus is on data/business analysis, logistics, and international trade.  

The bulk of my career experience came prior to obtaining my degree, through hard work. Something instilled in me by my mother and grandparents.  I received multiple honors during my education, including Phi Theta Kappa. I did this as a single mother, at the time, while working a full-time job. I am the first member of my family, since they immigrated to the United States, to receive a college degree. I personally understand the difficulties and challenges of rising up out of poverty. 

There are some things that can't be taught in books. Somethings can only be understood from personal experience. My goal is to use all of the traumatic events in my life, to help lead our community to a point of healing and prosperity for all. 

New Mexico is...

  • Proud of our culture

  • Concerned about our people

  • Protective of our lands

  • Respectful to our elders

  • United by family & faith


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