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There is no doubt, scientifically, that a unique human life starts at conception. Fryzel is a Christian and believes that each of us is willed to be, by God. She cannot accept the belief that the humanity, which starts at conception is accidental, or has no value because it is not yet capable of the decisions and emotions and independent actions we usually associate with being a person. Fryzel will fight diligently at the state level to make the 9-month abortion bill illegal. As the mother of seven children, she is committed to the sanctity of life. 



Child sex trafficking is happening in New Mexico. Fryzel will work to reform the laws surrounding this horrific crime and make sure those guilty of this crime pay with their lives. She will work to see that improved measures are taken in New Mexico to fight head- on those engaged in ruining the lives of these innocent children, both male and female. 



The COVID-19 pandemic and how it is being handled by our Governor and her Legislators have thrown a terrible curve ball to the citizens of New Mexico, especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck. The fines associated with lack of a mask and to business owners is unacceptable, in addition to the Governor’s overreach, is being felt all over New Mexico. Fryzel will work towards reversing the damage to our state’s economy by focusing on the at-risk populations and recognizing that New Mexico has many different economies, communities and landscapes.


In District 8, there is one county with no reported cases and two other in New Mexico that have not seen a positive case in months. Why can Walmart be open and mom-and pops can’t? Not good decision making by the Governor without any push back by Senator Campos or his fellow Democrat legislators. 



For decades, our political leaders have accepted the high crime levels as a way of life in New Mexico. The reality is we have lax laws passed by political leaders who have failed to address this pressing crisis. This has led to the hijacking of our beautiful way of life. Now we all live with the fear that we can’t keep our families safe. 

As a State Senator, Fryzel will work tirelessly to ensure we make progress on this plaguing issue. One of the items on her agenda is to go after the "Catch & Release" system - and put it back out to the voters; a system that does not require a cash bail. She is a supporter of a police force that is fully trained and funded. In tandem with the current COVID restrictions, people are becoming socially and psychologically challenged. Crime is up as a result. 



It is time to put New Mexicans first, and not let outside agendas make decisions on the economic security of the citizens of our state. 

Small business owners and their employees are the heart of New Mexico. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vulnerable our small business can be... Our current Democratic state administration has proven how little respect they have for the business community of New Mexico. This needs to change and Fryzel will work in making New Mexico a welcoming community for businesses small to large. 

  • Open communication between Santa Fe and the businesses of New Mexico 

  • Encouraging the movie industry in District 8 

  • Valid opportunity zone. Senator Campos has failed to grasp this important initiative that can create jobs. Not one job is a result of the “Opportunity Zone” initiative. 

  • The State’s reliance on sales and gross receipt taxes of almost 10% is obscene and is the most regressive form of taxation. 

  • Promote the oil & gas industry instead of killing the industry that brings 50% of our tax revenue and thousands of jobs 

  • Stop the tax increase passed in the 2020 legislature that will potentially go into effect after November 3. 



Our children need to get back to school. The schools are failing the children both educationally and socially. Fryzel supports a new in-school advocate to work in tandem with school counselors to meet the challenges facing young people today whether in the home, school or online. This position would work in tandem with academic counselors who are overworked. Children are falling through the cracks. 

Fryzel supports school choice for families trying to meet specific needs and would like to see a tax deduction for homeschoolers. 



Energy independence is vital to our national security and New Mexico must always be at the forefront of providing energy to the world. It’s in our DNA as a state. New Mexico must continue to be aggressive and focused on producing oil and gas, wind, solar, geothermal, and other forms of energy. Fryzel believes that it’s possible - and necessary - to meet both objectives of developing our energy resources and protecting our environment. She will fight for New Mexico’s oil and gas industry and conservatively use the tax revenues received by the oil and gas industry in New Mexico frugally and strategically. 




Fryzel opposes the “Green New Deal” and believes it will destroy New Mexico’s energy economy in addition to that of our nation’s. The effect would cause massive state budget cuts to education and health care spending. Additionally, it will make the United States less competitive economically, and drive up the cost of living, working, farming, and running a business in our state and nation. 


Climate change can and must be addressed. Fryzel does not believe that dismantling our energy economy is the only way to relieve climate change. She is opposed to policies or agreements that put the New Mexico economy at a disadvantage globally, while the world’s largest polluters fail to initiate plans for environmental impact reduction. 

Fryzel opposes nuclear waste from other states coming into New Mexico to be stored. She also understands New Mexico’s water challenges and wants to make sure it is abundant and clean. In District 8, she does not support the draining of Ute Lake that would cause undo damage to the surrounding businesses and home values. 



Just like small business is the heartbeat of New Mexico, our ranchers and farmers are the backbone of rural areas. Excessive regulations in the state mean that we don’t have a single beef processing plant in our entire state. Our beef is processed across state lines. Fryzel would like to see the New Mexico dairy and cattle industry selling its products worldwide leaving behind unnecessary regulations. 



Fryzel believes in a strong national defense and understands the important role our national labs and military bases play in New Mexico. She supports increasing pay for those who serve in the military. She will fight to protect the benefits our veterans have earned and create an environment where it is easier for them to get access to the care that they need and deserve. 



"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." 

Fryzel is a gun owner and an avid supporter of the Second Amendment. She will fight to protect our right to bear arms. Fryzel knows that sport shooting, hunting and gun collecting are all a part of the New Mexico ‘s historic culture and respects it. 

Melissa is a gun-owner and member of both the NRA & the III% Original, New Mexico Chapter.  - Molon Labe



Seniors should hold a special place in every individual’s heart and their safety and wellbeing should be a priority for our state government. Fryzel will work to ensure the previously introduced legislation to eliminate Social Security from state income tax, is brought back to the table. 



Our Governor and Senator Campos used the special session to set the State up for huge tax increases in 2021 after the election. The Governor’s spending must stop and Senator Campos has done nothing to stop her. Fryzel does not believe in a tax and spend government model. The one party system is devastating to our economy. There must be a legislative balance in Santa Fe. 


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